Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin $250,000, Bermuda Wants Crypto Biz, & Skin Wallets

Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – Tim Draper sees Bitcoin and $250,000, Bermuda wants into crypto, German company launching Bison crypto app, homeless people on the blockchain, and wallets under your skin.

Ledger Wallet Giveaway

Draper Sees Bitcoin at $250,000

Yahoo buys exchange

Yahoo Japan Invests 40 Percent Stake into Crypto Exchange

Bison App

German Stock Exchange Subsidiary Announces Crypto Trading App Bison

Latvia Crypto Taxes

Latvia Could Impose 20% Tax on Cryptocurrency Transactions

Kenya Warning


Louisiana ICO

Homeless Blockchain

Wallets Under Your Skin

PIVX South Africa

PIVX Accepted Here: South Africa!


BAT Brave Browser Passes Two Million Active Users

Canya Updates
CanYa Platform Update #1

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  1. That's a bison not a Buffalo. The American Bison is native to North and South America and Europe, the other two buffalo species reside in Africa and Asia. Cape Buffalo (Africa), or Water Buffalo (South Asia), neither of which are closely related to either kind of bison. Dyor, lol

  2. Microchip installed under my taint might be a visible option. Again Lark another great daily review ??

  3. Lark brother love your enthusiasm always cheers my day watching your vids. Excellent info and good banter. Do you have any thoughts on what is happening with Verge? I figured you weren't a believer and just didn't want to spread FUD soup for dinner so haven't discussed its recent hype for parsnip.

  4. LOLOL…."No matter what town you wash up into…" Thanks Lark, that was funny. Love your show. And with respect to Crypto under your skin, no, I wouldn't put a chip under my skin but I'd like to put it up my girlfriends butt.

  5. Pylon tokens looks very awesome a green energy project already in use in homes and shows a steady growth and doing a lot of live converantions atm for the public in al countries

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