Crypto News: Bitmain Burning Bitcoin Cash Profits? VeChain MPP, Binance KYC? Bull Run Continues!

Crypto News: Bitmain Burning Bitcoin Cash Profits? KYC for Binance? Bull Run Continues!

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  3. Stating to think hodl'ing XRP and some Privacy coins side by side might be a good idea. Bitcoin Private is up to something cause they keep on pumping on and off. They're the next one to explode up, better get some while you still can.

  4. Sunny, CEO of Vechain had put out an open letter to the community last week where he said that in 3years people will be using vechain without even knowing it. This announcement definitely sheds some light on how they plan to do that. I absolutely love their approach. He says, and I am paraphrasing, "we didnt just guess what fortune 500 companies required from blockchain, we freakin asked them and incorporated that feedback into our business model". I love this. People arent going to go through all the hassle of learning the ins and outs of crypto just to utilize vechain, and Sunny and company realize this. great video Elliot! Thanks again. Keep up the great work

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