Lost Sphear and the Power of Nostalgia

We sat down with Tokyo RPG Factory’s Atsuhsi Hashimoto do discuss why nostalgia plays such an important part in his games. Lost Sphear Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CVrFAeJbrE Subscribe…


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  1. Fantastic games.

    I Am Setsuna really got me back in JRPGs after some very disappointing installments from the FF series. Lost Sphear I am still playing now, and I find the story isn't as compelling as I Am Setsuna's – though they are both very good JRPGs.

  2. im setsuna still better tho, this one have generic story and the game feel too short, u literarlly explore half of the world map in the first 1-2 hour like wtf

  3. I bought Setsuna for 15€ and retail LS for 27.
    I beat Setsuna and enjoyed it really much even if it has some faults, i'd give it a strong 8/10 for 15€.

    Im currently playing LS and I'm enjoying it too, especially gameplay wise. But ost is soo generic if compared to Setsuna's…

  4. well this certainly came out of left field. i welcome it with open arms though; my feed needs a break from god of war and Nintendo labo videos

  5. I am setsuna is far better in story but worse in some aspects from combat. In terms of music i am setsuna is 10 times over lost sphear and in terms of screens and dialogue screens i am setsuna is far better and was done with much more love than lost sphear.

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