Crypto News: Bitcoin Bullrun? Binance to add USD pairs, Dow Jones partners with BAT

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  1. New subscriber here. Love the information. Keep working on your presentation and this channel will definitely succeed. Try getting your talking head to look a little sharper. Something looks off with the chroma key or something. Only other suggestion would be try wearing a nice shirt possibly a tie. Could help a lot. But I will definitely keep watching no matter what.

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  3. Think about what you’re saying. If there is any decoupling it’ll be BTC mooning while most alt coins get rocked. You’ll spend your hard earned fiat chasing moonshots while real investors load up on BTC. Don’t forget the masses are asses. Always and forever.

  4. Decoupling is one of, if not the most important factors to the success of cryptos moving forward. I hate seeing all the coin affected by Bitcoin manipulation. Decentralized exchanges should help too! Cheers!

  5. hey Ellio i recommend consuming content from citizen journalists reporting on the corruption of some of the organizations and locations involved in some of the events you celebrate as bullish signs for crypto. in particular, google and england which you have mentioned favorably in the past week or so have made news indicating they are governed by radical leftist opportunists who are exactly the opposite types of players we hope to see in crypto. in short, get red-pilled man.

    there are a hundred excellent citizen journalists out there these days. i recommend starting with black pigeon speaks.

  6. "We need to attract real investors…" No! We need working DAOs to create real value for "the real world," and become an irreplaceable part of the economy. Crypto Kitties wasn't it! Airbnb and Uber show how brutally efficient decentralization can be. Traditional money need block chain much more than we need them. Our terms!

  7. Thank you for this great video Elliot! I learned lots of good stuff thanks to your content. I want to add 1 more thing to the crypto news and that's related to the privacy coin DeepOnion. The guys are about to finish their 40th successful Airdrop and start finally focusing on bigger exchanges like Binance and Bittrex. That's definitely some good news for all potential investors out there, so definitely keep a close eye on this coin.

  8. I've been a subscriber since less than 500 and have watched your growth Ellio, you're definitely the #1 channel that I come across for fast and efficient news. Your production is always on point and you consistently get a like from me. I aspire to have growth similar to yours but I have a ways to go in production quality and market insight. It seems so natural for you, keep up the great work man you've got a loyal fanbase who is waiting on your content.

  9. I love all the images in the background. Its so much better then just watching a talking head. Thanks for putting in the extra work to make watching your videos so much more interesting.

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