Titanfall 2 Review

With bolstered progression, customization, variety, and a fleshed-out story, Respawn has made good on its original vision with Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2: 7 Important Changes From the Original…


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  1. Respawn should make a terminator game out of this game engine,it would be brilliant,this game already has alot of similarities like robots,time travel and a great sci-fi story,james cameron should play this and realise the potential for a new terminator game,as a fan of the terminator serie(obvious by now)im in despirate need for a new terminator game because face when is to last time we played a good game in the series,i remember the skynet game,wich scared the crap out of me when i was a kid:-)and the rest of the terminator games besides the old 2d ones weren’t any good.

  2. Got to say I am happily impressed. It's not the best fps I've ever played, but it is very refreshing and frankly puts COD well in the shadows when it comes to run game play. THIS is an arcade shooter that can seriously get it's claws in you.

  3. Man i just bought this game on promo for only 13,99 and it’s awsome,the story is great and boy the gameplay is superb,i really recommend this

  4. Can’t believe the developer of this game is the same developer that made Star Wars Battlefront 2… a game that doesn’t have loot box at all vs as a game that couldn’t live without lootboxes

  5. Ive play several shooters in my life, minus cod ive play like 4 of them and they all the same, but titanfall was a way different experience with BT, i miss that iron buddy.

  6. In India we buy pre owned games on ebay for as low as 6 usd for ps3 games and around 10-12 usd for ps4 games & the condition of games is as good as new . I've bought 10 ps4 games for 80 usd only .

  7. This game is a horrible FPS experience, The MP game play is unbearable you can’t play more than 2 rounds your eyes gets side ways, you will get headache, it’s not solid aiming and terribly awful,

    I really tried so hard to give it a chance but it’s not game to invest in i give it 5 /10only for the graphics the rest is HS!

    and what’s with the jumping thing that all FPS going for.. it’s absolutely the wrong direction, FPS made for the bloody boots on the bloody ground!, every time i have tried to move on to new FPS game COD Ghosts always wins, and yes I know it has its flaws too but still wins in my opinion.

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