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  1. Ha we had one day the market did bad people freaked out not me buy at the dips. Only a matter of time man cant wait hoping the market goes over 500 bill cab before the months out


  2. So why invest in LSK if Tech is moveing away from Javascript? Will this hinder them in the future?

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  3. Love your show!!! Broncos in the super bowl this season. You heard it here first!! If I don’t win the ltc, I’ll take that draft shirt. Pretty cool. Lol MLQQJqU3y2AibHjtFoVjD9pMyjDPUVjNvt

  4. PundiX is 7%, 2% & .8% per month over years 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Paid in more PundiX.

    Nice tan… Hehe 🙂

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  5. ty for all your info ,look forward to watching you every day,bought into baab too,my PORTFOLIO has increased 120% on your info ,ty. LXMTs6of3NqRdP3jqjQRGc5ZQSJtGjyppm

  6. Tron is up but I don’t like it. Just seems like a garbage coin. Sorry =p. I’m mostly in at ripple and hopin for a $10 EOY.


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