Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Ford Coin, Goldman Sachs, and Telegram Cancelled

The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – Goldman Sachs is bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street, Automotive blockchain coalition is going to be a big deal, Telegram ICO cancelled, South Korea chilling on ICOs, and so much more!

Goldman Sachs





South Korea

South Korean Lawmakers Draft Bill to Legalize Some Initial Coin Offerings


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  1. Well, i took a look on that ICO drop website Lark, and to be honest, closed after some minutes.

    Too many ico's… too much new "things" that all have the same words…
    Just got the feeling of most of them are copy of copy's of other projects, just because, they can get money to do what i dont know.

  2. Where in Africa?? This is quite unsettling. Africa is a continent! The went to all the 50+ countries in Africa? We live in sovereign countries with borders and different languages and different presidents and everything.

  3. funny all these banks, companies trying to catch up with their own blockchains, lol just a centeralized pos blockchain. sorry you 10 yrs behind the game. lol

  4. Check out Hacken (HKN) & Block Array (ARY) both are pretty new and still low market cap. Both are hidden gems that will give HUGE GAINS!

  5. IOTA is one of the founders of the Blockchain-coalition (Blockchain you say? Ironic, yes), yet Coindesk failed to mention it at first. Now they've edited it after a LOT of complaints, and put IOTA……on the very last part of the article. Coindesk do NOT like IOTA;)

  6. I have been thinking about banks entering the crypto space – and I still don’t think it is good for crypto community at this early stage. Of course short term it will raise awareness and give confidence to invest for some people who enjoy authority. However banks are not entering because they are excited about the crypto like most of us are- they are coming only for money. The happiest will be FX traders to have access to that volatility( short term profitable trades= big bonuses)- expect more pumps and hard dumps. If they start to invest in ICO we (little people)can forget investing in it. And with all of that will come more and more and more of regulation (some regulation is good but they will force even more). And they have enough power to push the regulation the way to suit them. At some point they will become spokesmen for crypto community in front of governments etc…and the idea of decentralisation will be gone forever.

    And I’m a banker myself…I see only a couple of years left of this current excitement and organic growth of crypto space – after that we will all be on the sidelines watching.

  7. Yeah, the automotive industry has great use cases for blockchain I guess. I heard some of these companies mentioned in the video also have partnerships with VeChain. And for example CarVertical is targeting the used car market with their blockchain.

    Too bad I missed the Origin Trail swag! ? Anyway, thank you once again Lark!

  8. It makes no sense. The little guy can blow his life savings at a casino but can’t put a $200 in an ICO that could be a potentially amazing investment all based on the premise of the government “protecting the investor” and only allowing someone who is “accredited” to invest. Doesn’t accredited pretty much mean that you need to make $200k/yr or have $1 mill in the bank to be accredited?

  9. Bosch & IOTA are working on this model to benefit the entire automotive industry, the so called coalition will likely utilise The Tangle I think, IOTA price movement since this news seems to be aligned with this news, very likely something is going on in the background. Speculating of course but this makes the most sense to me. Go IOTA!

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