Crypto News: Could Ethereum be Banned by the SEC? Pied Piper Coin, $QASH ICO Platform

Crypto News: Could Ethereum be Banned by the SEC? Pied Piper Coin, $QASH ICO Platform, Stephen Curry Cryptokitties

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  1. Great video Elliot. I understand the argument over ETH being a security… you said "will you make money based on the efforts of others?". You mentioned the utility of the token, which is totally legit, bu you didnt bring up that Ethereum in mineable. If you mined the ethereum, it isnt an investment, it is just like regular work. You are providing a service for a fee.

  2. Please go to the Qryptos Telegram group and I promise you, you'll do another video to pull out your support for this joke of an exchange. Their withdrawal is non-existent. Please, please look into it. Please. There's something deeply shady about their operation. Please look into it. Please. I have all my investment (ZCO) trapped there for no obvious reasons. And there are thousands like me. Please, help us. They close operation daily by 4pm. They are closed all through the weekends and public holidays and days before and after public holidays. I am not making this up. Please help us. Please go to the Telegram group and spend only a couple minutes there. You won't believe your eyes I promise you. And the exchange has no help desk. Their help desk refers you to their telegram group. Please help.

  3. every yter would shill for money. everyone has a price…im sure if they offered you 10mil to shill their coin you wouldnt hesitate …i wouldnt lol.

  4. never heard Cameron promotion an ICO or he doing it really unnoticeably) one of my favorite guys on crypto youtube))

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