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When will the cryptocurrency market bounce back? Let’s go over the crypto news and market analysis!
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  1. market probably preparing for massive bull action after consensus if we get 500B+ before may 14th would be really great!

    LTC: LfN6uc2PCJtmmM6srd33Krqqcg8yq5huNf

  2. Everybody relax the market is consolidating!! In order to grow it has to go in steps up and down to support levels.

  3. Im holding most of my portfolio on XRP And BTC. I hope the market bouce back to the ATH very soon. In Brazil we are very excited on the new Santander app release. Its gonna work with Ripple technology. Maybe these many partners and the market as a whole help XRP pump back to the the top.
    LTC: La5tZpFPetZfimBDtP2CSTWX261B5HrChE

  4. Typical orchestrated news. First bullish, than comes the fud… Just keep your money in and don't touch it for minimal 5 years! You will thank me later 🙂

  5. It's a crypto pawn shop. Not that complicated. I'd a proven business model, except pawn shops don't loan over 30 percent of an items value so they can resell it for a profit at a cheaper rate.

  6. Ripple is playing this game exactly how it’s supposed to be played- proof is in the Partnerships LfzmmuXNNiecKyaWgnuRog8snTxsoxhjki

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