Ethereum to $15,000?! – Ethereum CryptoCurrency Price Prediction – ETH Crypto News

How high could Ethereum go this year? Could we see $15,000 ETH Ethereum? Crypto ETH News!
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  1. Bought ETH at 377 $. Im already a happy man πŸ™‚ Loving the content Zach. Keep up thegood work. LTpiEKqjPUsycsUETMjgFdqn13H9Xshmn1

  2. You should do a deep dive on how to actually cash out large sums of fiat from crypto. A lot of banks close accounts on even just multiple $2K'ish deposits. What if you want to cash out a coooool Million?

  3. LTC: LWdJGniftsrs2mL4WBSNGKYES1Td3gJrLX

    I picked a price (2x, 3x, 5x, 10x) for all my main investments. Waiting til I hit those on my investments and only cashing out small percentages to cover initial inveatment

  4. I think 15k is a bit unrealistic, but good for clicks! Lol but i do see eth with a lot of other crypto’s doing very well this year!

  5. I don't buy all the hype . I think everything will hinge how easy it becomes for the average folk to buy crypto . We need exchanges to start pairing with fiat and easy to manage wallets . As it is , it's too much hassle to go around buy one coin then sending it to buy another . M99GB62eQymLHc8mxYH3isHfTqLsSYbnoC

  6. For noobs you should make a video of pairings because you say a crypto is worth 50 and you say you have 50 $… that's wrong, the comparison is against the coin you paired it not usd..


  7. Hi Zach and Friends,
    What about Faceter? Ico soon on IDEX!
    Thanks for the LTC
    Greetings from Holland
    LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D

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