Big Movement Happening In Crypto As Litecoin (LTC) Smart Contracts Advances

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In this video we witness Faze Crypto Talk about Litecoin (LTC) in respect to the current world of CRYPTOCURRENCY we talk about the potential for $LTC and the way the technology has been showing positive signs in respect to smart contracts and the coming expansion of the technology. Disclaimer this video is for educational purposes only! This is not financial advice this video is only opinion. I am not your dad. Thanks for watching remember to subscribe and share.


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Litecoin Bullish Trend Continued…


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  2. it seems that today market has gone red, hard to predict if this is only a profit take / bear trap or another sideway period started, maybe it is a positive thing despite all. i am closely watching ethereum because instead of litecoin because i like to trade on some altcoin pars (namely deeponion on kucoin and various other privacy coins) and have never looked to much into litecoin despite being one of the oldest.. maybe it is time to have a look into it

  3. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  4. I couldn't understand all the fud over litepay, like anyone was gonna use it? Let alone spend your LTC right now.. Hardly anyone uses Bitpay.. there are like 5-10 different cards u could use to spend LTC.. Wirex was the last to add it a few days ago, & TenX announced support last month.. More & more merchants will start accepting Litecoin outright in the coming months & years, that's the true goal, & when the value will rise because of "use", not hype.

  5. Thanks for update. Your um pauses, show you are thinking as you update, better than the pre scripted updates some people do, that repeat info but don't really understand it at times.

  6. 1) Umm You um said um "uh, umm" 7466 times. I counted.
    2) nowhere is reporting Litecoin smart contracts are rolling out. The only place using Litecoin smart contracts at this point is ABRA.
    3) Just because Litecoin moved the 6th position doesn't "renew confidence" Confidence in Litecoin stems from it's unbelievably utility. Clearly demonstrated by the fact someone last week sent someone else $99 million in 150 seconds for a total cost of 40 cents.
    4) I um am um unsubscribing uh now

  7. crypto capital opinion is if this then this if that then that. never been right but always 50/50 chance.

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