Top 10 Upcoming Cars and Newest Auto Concepts (Reveals of 2018)

More conservative car enthusiasts try to stay away from rumors and news about concepts, after all, not many of them eventually make it to the production line, so what is the point to make all the fuss? But in our opinion, this is the only way automakers can get us excited about their future products.

A concept is like a movie trailer, it always looks good, but might disappoint in the future, but this rarely stops us from watching one, doesn’t it? So today we present to you the latest trailer of the future of auto making that brings more electrified vehicles, more efficient and clean ICE engines, new autopilot systems and futuristic designs!

Cars featured in this video:

Toyota FT-4X:

Toyota FT-4X is an all-wheel drive crossover that is based on the C platform from Tinga architecture. It inherited a turbocharged 4-cyinder 1.2 Liter from Toyota CH-R with 115 horses output.

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept:

The incredibly-looking LF-1 Limitless is the future vision of the luxury Lexus lineup that it expected to replace the famous LX series.

Nissan X-Motion:

New Nissan X-Motion concept is a 6-passanger SUV that combines traditional Japanese design elements, American functionality, and modern technology.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution:

E-Evolution is the first all-electric SUV developed by Mitsubishi Motors. It will have a 4-wheel drive and will be powered by a triple motor. Though it is just a concept now, the manufacturer plans to release a production model in the nearest future.

Chevy FNR-X concept:

Chevrolet FNR-X is a plug-in hybrid that demonstrates the company’s vision for future transportation and is the most “forward-thinking” vehicle in its model row.

Nissan IMx

The latest concept from Nissan, is an electric crossover IMx, that stands for intellectual mobility.

Xing Miss Е:

Miss E is an all-electric racing car created by a Taiwan company, Xing Mobility. It is powered by a Xing-developed battery system and has a 350 kW motor under the hood.

GMC Sierra Denali HD All-Mountain:

GMC has built an ultimate all-terrain vehicle to dominate the snow and climb any kind of mountain. All in all, this concept is a standard Sierra 2500HD in Denali trimming

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept:

Presented early 2018 at the North American Auto Show, Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept is showing the overall design direction that Infiniti is going to pursue.

Subaru Viziv Performance STI:

This racy concept is basically a preview of how the next generation of a Subaru WRX STI sports sedan will look like.

Dallara Stradale:

This Italian company is mostly known for developing sports car chassis, working on such hypercars as Bugatti Veyron and Chiron, and manufacturing a KTM X Bow supercar. In 2018 the manufacturer is ready to conquer the streets with their project Dallara Stradale.


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  1. What on earth is the point of the weird shape of these vehicles? It serves no purpose at all. The same applies to the wheels.

  2. Tired of crossovers, what ever happened to two door cars with a manual transmission. At least we have our modweb muscle cars.

  3. Concept cars serve a very important role for the automotive community as they show the world, how manufacturer see the cars in the nearest future. In this video we present the most exciting concept cars and upcoming vehicles that were presented in 2018. Which one is your favorite?

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