Linux Security News – Cryptocoin Miner Hidden In Ubuntu Snap Store

Developer Nicolas Tomb neglected to declare that Snap application 2048buntu contained a Bytecoin cryptocoin miner as a means of monetisation.
The issue was highlighted via Github and Canonical were quick to take action removing the offending app. Existing users of the app will received a patched clean version.


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  1. It's one thing for a program to hog my CPU, RAM, network bandwidth etc. because of a bug I can then expect to be fixed. it's entirely different case, when an application's purpose is to puts more load on my computer, raising costs of the energy it uses and making me pay higher bills, and to top it off – this happens without my explicit consent. this IS literally stealing. the guy tried to steal people's money. getting any revenue without my knowledge nor consent by using my computer and raising my energy bills should be illegal and punishable. cheers

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