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  1. It might not have a gamma slider, but you can adjust the coloration in the settings, some of those help with the darkness.

  2. Complains about the lighter but doesn’t know there is a flashlight and ways to make torches. IGN call of duty fans never get old

  3. I can't tell by this if the AI are incredibly clever, or the devs just made 3 or 4 AI settings and it looks really clever when randomised between groups of AI lol. But i'll find out next week when the free VR updatearrives

  4. You can make torches, use flares, and there are a couple flashlights you can find. So the lighter is not the only source of light

  5. They should implement Gamma adjustment options. Since you seating position is critical for immersion. Sitting too far from my monitor would sometimes hinder my experience. And also it gets unrealistically dark, immersion, prehaps.

  6. This is my type of game. A survival horror game based on the wilderness and you have to be creative to survive. Looks fun and the ai especially is interesting.

  7. Torches, flashlights, re-breather light, flares, changing the visuals-theres so many ways to make it brighter. Don't review a game unless you actually know whats in it.

  8. I got this game years ago for $5 when it was announced in its very first alpha stage. Haven't played it in a LONG time because the updates were far and few between. He spoke very highly of it so they must have really jumped on the development and made it a full game. Good to know. I'll have to fire it back up and give it a shot again

  9. A good survival game? Man 2018 might really just beat 2017 as far as games this year, even though the game's been in early access for a while.

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