How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Explode Your eBay Sales

There are two ways that you can explode sales from your eBay listings or eBay store. Firstly, you could increase conversions and encourage more people to bid on your items from the same amount of traffic. Secondly, you can increase your auction views which will ultimately lead to more bids and more sales. This article series will focus on increasing traffic to your eBay items.

This article will discuss how using pay per click advertising will lead to an instant explosion in your eBay sales.

Pay per click advertising is a fantastic way to generate instant and targeted traffic to your eBay store for very little money. You can pay just a few cents for every prospect that comes your way.

To explode your eBay sales, why not run a PPC campaign which directs prospects to your eBay store?

You could bid on highly relevant keywords related to the items you sell from your store and experience a sudden influx of traffic and sales.

Once you’ve had a little traffic, you can work out the visitor value of each prospect that comes to your eBay store and you can decide how much you want to pay for each click to your store.

There is one main pay per click company – Google Adwords. I recommend you go with AdWords to start with as you can get the greatest amount of traffic in the shortest amount of time.

PPC marketing works especially well if you are selling high value items from your eBay store. Go and try it!

Source by James A. Penn

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