Crypto Exchange Coinbase Goes After Institutional Investors | CNBC

Coinbase announced the launch on Tuesday of four new products aimed at that investor class: Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Markets, The Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group and Coinbase Prime.
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Crypto Exchange Coinbase Goes After Institutional Investors | CNBC


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  1. cryptocurrencies are scams. its not backed by anything! and its a ponzi! i agree with warren buffet and bill gates! its a fraud rat poison scheme! anyone who buys bitcoin is dumb lol. at least the us dollar is backed by the government

  2. Coinbase cares nothing for the average investor. I' made one successful purchase… then with no incident or warning, was locked out of my account. I have been waiting 12 days for assistance with a simple problem and all I get is the run around on the phone from a front line of support that say "we have escalated it." Twelve days! When I was four years old back in the stone age, my parents opened a savings account for me. Back then, I could have earned money by selling my dolls, and walked to my local branch to make a deposit more quickly and efficiently than Coinbase serves me now. Do not entrust Coinbase with your funds or crypto.

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