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If Bitcoin (BTC) crash bring us back to $6K for a triple bottom 3x, will it spark a bull run or remain bearish?

? Let’s get this crypto!

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Sites I use for Crypto / Cryptocurrency include: Coinmarketcap, Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, GDAX, Kraken, Gemini & more!

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  1. Anyone know why Bittrex is crashing? It's down to $69 million from $235 million in a few weeks. Down from $2 billion from a few months ago.

  2. Hi, I´ve started to become a little fan of your videos 🙂 I´m looking for as many serious reviews of Typerium as i can, i have become very fond of their project and would like to hear what people says to their project. Rewarding content creators and their upcoming social media platform, i think it seems really interesting, what do u think?

  3. this whole shit make no sens whatsover if btc decides to go up like crazy it will at any given time , it will not check first ur neerdy pattern first

  4. Kirby im getting very concerned bitcoin is repeating the price action of 2014…if this happens how long would we have to wait until it would be safe to buy back in and 50x long btc lol?

  5. Now we have youtubers drawing silly lines on charts based on a pattern they want to see that doesn't exist yet? My goodness this a stretch. I miss the days of ppl drawing pointless lines on actual charts. Gotta love crypto TA. If if maybe if up down if when if possibly…MOOOOON

  6. Its not even a double bottom bro. One is 5800 and the other is 6500. The next will be around 7k to 7.4k. We are in a equilibrium pattern also known as a symmetrical triangle pattern. When we break out of this pattern we are most likly gonna fly. Kirbs do u even TA bro.

  7. Prophetic video! Love the pheonix analogy for being consistent and staying in the truth. It's obviously a spiritual battle out here because of the opportunity approaching. That's why it's so hard for everyone to stay within reason and reality and you see so many destructive perceptions propagating out there (FOMO, irrational predictions, shilling subversion, pump n dump distractions, dishonest motives, gatekeeping, and double mindedness).

  8. I don’t think anything bullish about a strong bounce. It’s just a pump from big money to sell at a peak and dump back down . What really needs to happen is for manipulation to stop and market needs to find a real bottom a trade around in a range for months or a year . If it can hold a certain level then that will attract all types of investors

  9. I don't see a triple bottom. I think this is some growing pains going on. Maybe some confusion. But the public is learning faster then ever with the SEC and Large Banks starting to turn around and Banks mainly starting to see the money gains that's possible. People just need to learn more how blockchain can really help there day to day life and keep accurate data. Love your vids keep em coming.

  10. Peepcoin (pcn) is about to surge this privacy coin with instant transfers has some realy great futures and looks like to become the new verge its so cheap to get now and they use the newest technology

  11. Personnaly i don't think we are going under 7400$ a triple bottom reversal would only happen if bad bad shit happen like xchange hack. I really believe were going down slowly to 7500$… too much money, market cap is too high… too many investment now on BTC. That's my personnal opinion… If this happen Kirby you will be my new god…which was music ahhahaha!

  12. How do you feel about origin trail? Its one of my favorite small caps. It did a 2x recently but I feel there's still room for growth. Thanks for the update and keep the juicy content coming

  13. i hope it hits 6400, scares the hell out of everyone, or something bad happens in the world, raise interest rates in USA?? earthquakes worldwide, WAR north Korea nutso Trump, and we get the greatest treat of all, it dumps to 2500/3000 before the BIG MONEY comes in and buys on the CHEAP…that would be the greatest treat of all, being ALL CASH as i am.

  14. I think a triple bottom is increasingly likely, but I do not rule out breaking below to 5K levels in the case of a black swan event like Tether blowing up, or a major exchange hack or scandal. Anything is possible

  15. Hey Kirby I know you're into low cap coins on exchanges like IDEX. Check out DAOstack and Bezant when you get a chance if you haven't already. I believe they're only on IDEX and seem pretty damn legit.

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