NBA 2K League: Fostering the next generation of athletes | SC Featured | ESPN

The NBA’s newest league has turned video gamers into NBA athletes, with teams formed to go head-to-head in NBA 2K. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: …


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  1. Should make them use the real Nba teams in-game and not this cookie cutter form of a league, it will be much harder than controlling one player you already mastered.

  2. The disrespect towards all the hard working minimum wage people. Give me a few grand for watching TV more than others since that's what I like to do. No, right? Yea, so GTFO. "Athletes"? "I didn't have a job".

  3. Mark Cuban: "how does he do it?" See mark, he presses the right button at the right time, and the computer converts the input into digital command, and the result is then displayed. That's how he does it.

  4. Okay y’all taking this shit to far these folks not athletes that fat boy dimez can’t even hoop in real life and 2k is trash now and the people that got picked knew damn well the were going to make it regardless

  5. Playing video games doesn't make you an athlete lmfao. Besides that the gameplay is trash, the "draft" was rigged (no surprise coming from the NBA), and there's a serious lack of quality players. This shit flopped before it even started.

  6. Everybody plays games so don't call them losers when you fo the same, they get to play games and get paid for it, what's wrong with that. BTW 2k18 SUUUUCCKKS

  7. I’m a the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?! They even have draft picks??. These dudes wanna he NBA players so bad but they never will lol

  8. Look, I play 2k like a maniac, but if I was a pro let's say, and someone called me an athlete I would fucking burst out laughing. You're a pro gamer, not an athlete, can we please stop giving ridiculous names to stuff just to hype it?

  9. It's fine, it won't cost much to the richy rich NBA, why not, I don't care, have fun. I just wanna know when Kyle Lowery play the game, does he always choose Lebron?

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