Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Why Consensus Failed, ICO Scams, and Seasteading

The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Tom Lee weighs in on why Consensus failed to trigger a bull run, national cryptos on the rise, ICO scams abound, and the crypto seasteading project.

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Tom Lee


Norway Central Bank Considers Developing Digital Currency


Sout Korea


Japanese Exchange Coincheck Eyes America for Expansion


Crypto Floating Island Project Closer to Realization

ICO scams



ICObench Warmer


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  1. checkout hexx! privacy coin with working zerocoin protocol(bugfixed), masternodes, cpumining(gpu/asic resistant), low inflation, fast transactions, hard working devs and forking with btc q3 2018!
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  2. I’m HODLIN’ Cardano but TRON’s name keeps poppin’ up everywhere! Esp Tron’s main net will go live in 10 days! So bought a bag today! The bulls are at the gates! ???✌️ Also CEO of Tron was a student and coworker of Jack Ma of Alibaba a possible support from Alibaba is coming in! Tron and Cardano to Mars! ???✌️

  3. Credits ico was run with no problems my end people were given a time slot to take part and an limit on how much ether to send,i wish all ico's were run like that makes it fair for us PI's.
    But there still was peeps in the telegram complaining because they tried to take part before the time slot that they were given,they just don't seem to be able to read a pinned message.

  4. Interesting news update as always, Lark! Thanks. The Seasteading thing is interesting and is sort of similar to the FreeSociety project backed by Olivier Janssens and Roger Ver whom are currently searching for an island to buy from a sovereign government to create a noncountry. Not sure about Olivier, but Roger seems like an impractical idealist and these types of people are often their own worst enemies, but when they are rich and thus powerful, they can be dangerous too, so I'm not sure I'd want to be living on an island with him. I found the ICObench story interesting as well. It's almost like regulatory capture. It's too bad so many get rich quick people are drawn to this space and don't see or care about the bigger picture and are actually slowing the process down and threatening some of the very noble, egalitarian goals of the great projects.

  5. If you think consensus failed you should not be in the market. Consensus is not about moving price at one moment in time. Ridiculous. Its about making connections and becoming familiar with other industries.

  6. The tether situation is crazy! Columbia’s drug cartels don’t mess around! The price manipulation that’s going on behind the scenes is major and I believe the market is being highly manipulated currently. We need a huge influx of $ to break through and take away the control back to the ppl not a select few… what happened to NEO being a good buy at $150???

  7. do you really think that an old man like him want to make money with this? He wants just for people to wake up!! Sorry for my English. Stop thinking about money and transit into the blockchain… but now you all want cash, money to buy stupids stufs.

  8. Lark. I found a cool tool for white papers. It's free to use and anybody can contribute to the library. It uses AI to compare a white paper to the thousands of other in the library and try to detect things like copy and pasting from other projects. Just another Ico tool you can find it at its the AI Titan tool

  9. I love the idea of seasteading if it is done right. WOW Rob over at Zencash is into it. Also Naomi Brockwell has just done a video on seasteading too lol. Good to see people talking about it. They could make great outposts for renewable energy via solar, sub sea turbines, tidal etc.. I also think due to the legal freedom it’s great for crypto too.

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