TechRadar Talks: BendGate

TechRadar Talks “BendGate!” Editors Marc Flores, Matt Swider and video editor/producer Brett Putman discuss the latest scandal surrounding Apple’s latest …


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  1. "The HTC m8 doesn't bend like that" 
    1: It's curved which distributes pressure to keep it's rigidness.
    2: it's 3.5mm thicker than the 6+
    3: It's got a magnesium chassis inside to also help with sturdiness. 
    At least do some reason before making yourself look like a jackass.

  2. Wow what a bunch if biased reporting and excuse making.

    The bending occurred in regular every day use- Putting it in your pocket isn't being "rough."

  3. What a joke…just shows you what these so called review sites are all about…….convincing people black is white….Their taking money FULL STOP…..makes me sick to listen to these lying toe rags……….GET A HTC M8…..IT CRUSHES THIS CHEAP TAT apple are knocking out…………HTC IS GORGEOUS AS WELL REAL QUALITY….IMO

  4. "I hope so"? Lol, damn, don't be afraid to show your true colors. How the heck is the lack of a premium chassis not a flaw in extremely thin design??? Is premium design not what your beloved Apple is known for? They sacrificed user experience and build just to say " hey look at how thin our phone is". Phone is slippery, camera protrudes, battery is small, and the phone can be bent. So by your assessment Apple did a great job and we should just kiss their ass for a flawed design, lol. And people wonder why we call them isheep. SMH

  5. LoL these ppl are totally biased. Why pay a phone top $ and always have these thoughts that your phone will bend or brake..oh premium materials but breakable hahaha

  6. This is by far the stupidest analysis I've seen on this issue.  You are actually defending Apple and talking about premium materials, knowing full well that these so called "premium materials" are causing the problem AND that another phone using exactly the same materials doesn't bend (HTC one M8).

    BUT, you seemingly don't know that decent phones use a magnesium chassis that prevents bending from occurring, but that Apple refused to use a GENUINE premium material in the construction of its phones.

    I've concluded that you know very little about handset design, material science and this industry in general.

    Consider me an ex-subscriber.

    You should be embarrassed with this 'piece of work', apologize and remove it.

  7. "If it is really a problem, just get a case." Are you kidding? Why the heck should I have to get a case for my phone? Especially the price this phone is costing. I was going to get the 6 Plus, but now am going to get the Note 4.

  8. Wow. Just. Wow. What a downright embarasing video. Because having your newly purchased $1000 phone with a so called "premium build quality" bend easily in your FRONT pocket is clearly "not an issue". Seriously, hire some REAL tech journalists TechRadar. Not some fruit loving delusional fanboys.

  9. Wow. Just. Wow. What a downright embarasing video. Because having your newly purchased $1000 phone with a so called "premium build quality" bend easily in your FRONT pocket is clearly "not an issue". Seriously, hire some REAL tech journalists TechRadar. Not some fruit loving delusional fanboys.

  10. Shut up you ifan boys. The product is not good period. If you can easily bend the stupid thing with your hands then it is possible. Which of the metal phones out there can you easily bend with your hands then?

  11. Well if its because the phones to thin and to be big then its a design flaw and doesn't work and should be revised.

  12. Oh my God! How much money is apple shoveling into you guys's pocket? Now you're making emergency "radio" videos trying to explain, why it's OK for a "premium, gorgeous" (insert all apple catchwords here…) super expensive phone to bend! I used to really look forward to your vids but I don't need bull pushed down my throat no matter how nice your vids look. Unsubscribed.

  13. these guys are deffinently apple fanboys, which is cool or whatever but this is still a huge problem apple is supposed to have "high quality" phones, which aren't supposed to bend like this. apple is turning into overpriced crap

  14. You're comparing the iPhone durability to thin blown glass? Really?? That may be the worst analogy I've ever heard. The problem is not it being metal or light or being large or thin. There are plenty of phones that meet those criteria. The problem is the DESIGN. With it being completely flat and fairly long there is no inherent rigidity in its shape. They are phones. They're meant to be hauled in and out of pockets, stored in pockets while sitting without changing shape. I think we'll see more of this not less due to the flat design.

  15. Tech radar you guys are just using your credibility. You guys are protecting apples because you know that if you say anything bad about Apple, next time a new device comes out they won't sent you it early

  16. They should have revisited iphone4s design. It'll be premium & sturdy. No foil detected. Glass breaking is common even for android phones when dropped but bending??? Even the cheapest flimsiest plastic android smartphone don't bend. I'm not sure now if I should upgrade my iphone4s. This is a faulty design by Apple. They need to fix it & compensate the faulty ones.

  17. i'm not convinced by your argument. you guys say "yes it might bend because it is indeed thinner." most of us understand the reasoning, but that's not a reasoning for us not to be worried. telling us to compromise by being careful is a poor argument too. and i personally find lou's video of 6+bending was enough of evidence to count as a flaw. imagine the malleability under 90+F temperature…

  18. Lol "it's made out of aluminum and glass of course it's gonna bend" the nerve of this guy!
    So now it is normally for phones to bend?
    Not OK

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