Next Altcoin Run? – Top Altcoins to Watch – CryptoCurrency Market News

When is the next altcoin run? Top altcoins to watch in the cryptocurrency market today!
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  1. Thanks for the up-tempo market review, always happy to listen to your video while I work. Genesis Vision and CyberMills have been on my watch list for weeks now, angry because I did not pull the trigger back in March on these when they were super low, but still like them for the long term!

  2. So true about checking that you are no the right site , had trouble W/Binance acct. For your generous giveaways here is my LTC Binance depository address- LV9p7WVnsSWT5AzBd6iGhbqKDDrKhK6tmM and thank you.

  3. Hi Zach, this is Eddie, top of the Saturday morning to you. I'm watching a video from 17 hrs ago, I had a question about the IDEX info you were going to do , and you just told me where to find it, so I don't have a question. keep up the good work and sell that snake oil. do I need to list a wallet address that accepts all coins for the give-a-ways?

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