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$400 Billion market cap incoming? CryptoCurrency market news and crypto analysis.
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  1. Bitcoin / Cryptos are known worldwide at this point. Can you assume those who wanted to buy, did buy? Fomo buyers bought in during the hype and sold the crash. How do you expect the marketcap to double / triple when there isn't a new market / buyers who haven't heard about this? Anything tangible? Or is it just speculation. Thanks,

  2. Not buying any more, all maxed out
    I’ve traded my LTC for some more PUNDI X 🙂


  3. Hey thanks for the videos man I’ve made most my money this few weeks off ripple kinda happend by accident had about 300$ in there and almost doubled the past week not sure what to do with it now but MHLZEqos4qmuA19iD2YEUK6NcZihjKKLBk

  4. Excellent Video … Enjoy California Weather. I am buying ZRX and PUNDI. Thinking about Zilliqa – what do you think?

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