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In this video, Mattie talks about what’s happening in the world of crypto and blockchain technology. It’s important to stay up to date in the very volatile market. Watch this daily news video in order to stay up to date!
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Circle Seeks Banking License and More

Circle Seeks Banking License and More

Crypto Unicorn Circle Aims to Expand Into Regulated Banking

Russian Central Bank Will Control The Cryptomarket, A Top Official Confirms

Russian Central Bank Will Control The Cryptomarket, A Top Official Confirms

Блокчейн Конференция в Совете Федерации

Центробанк России возьмет криптовалюту под контроль. ФАН-ТВ

Russia Might Introduce Cryptocurrency On Its Exchange Market

Russia Might Introduce Cryptocurrency On Its Exchange Market

Blockchain Technology Remains Immature, Russian CB believes

Blockchain Technology Remains Immature, Russian CB believes

Amid Runaway Inflation, Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin as an Alternative Store of Value

Amid Runaway Inflation, Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin as an Alternative Store of Value

Does Venezuela’s Oil-Backed ‘Petro’ Have The Power To Showcase National Cryptocurrencies?

Venezuela annual inflation nears 14,000 pct -legislature

Bitcoin is Saving African Lives

Bitcoin is Saving African Lives

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  1. Hey , Im a member of a server which is growing fast. They do pump and dumps and many other things.
    Their community its pretty active, they give free advice about trading and there are many experts into and whales. Take a look, you will like them!

  2. Thanks for talking about Venezuela, its very hard and incredible what is happening, with crypto they can be help and when that bad people get what they deserve Venezuela will be free and prosperous country again. go BTC !!!!

  3. Really looking forward to opening the videos link and seeing an Altcoinbuzz video on Elastos some day soon. It’s one the most innovative, groundbreaking techs in crypto space right now., It’ll be merge mining with BTC in Dec, Bimain will using half its hashpower on Elastos, the partnerships are massive, yet never to be spoken of on the channel. Hope you guys can spread some love to your Elastos community subscribers.. But anyway great video as always!!

  4. Great video, I Appreciate the detailed analysis given.. I Ran into a video in Feb Early this year, I found so many people showering Accolades to a man named ROBERT WELLS who has made a great Impact to so many young crypto investors since last year, some said he has the best strategy to trade Bitcoin,I was tired of Gdax and Binance small profits i was getting, so I reached out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. Now I don’t just Hodl, I make more Gains, after 3months I can Boast of increasing my Portfolio from 7Btc to 39Btc*, all Thanks to Robert’s Almighty Formular for Trading, Y'all can reach out to him through His *TELEGRAM +1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS and Skype/Mail * *(

  5. What would stop countries from criminalizing the use of Cryptos?Then coming out with there own digital currency.Making all other cryptos obsolete….

  6. Wasnt there or isnt there an alt called "russia coin"? I sware i seen that b4. Is that a gov coin or something else? Ill have to google it and see.

  7. always enjoy following your channel. I do daily updates on bitcoin on my youtube channel so its nice to stay up to date with alt coins and everything you do. keep it up

  8. Crypto YouTuber David Hay went down there just to help the broke Venezuelans. Literally moved down there to teach the refugees coming over the Colombian border how to use and set them up with Crypto, wallets and phones or tablets to access. I believe digibyte is helping, and others. But yeah he's smack dab in the middle of it, and has family effected by it. I don't think you're going to find anyone with a better idea of just what it's like. He's a fun guy too, reach out. Or search his videos of the NAC3 convention in Los Angeles. Tells a great story and is quite motivating

  9. on my way on gettn that 2003 toyota corolla in dark green metallic color with Beige Vinyl interior thats ' sittin in my local used car dealers' Bargain Barn Corner!!! moving on up to the East-Side to a Deluxe apt. in the sky!!!

  10. very exciting to see everything that is happening in the crypto world! so much bullish news. the markets just need to play catch up with the news hype now

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