10 Ways to Find Money For Investing

You are searching for money to invest with and you begin by looking at your personal finances. How much money do you have left over after you pay your bills? Do you have funds left that you are able to risk in an investment? Below are some ways to find money that you can use to invest.

• Check out your own budget. Every pay period people have money they throw away and not even miss it. We spend hundreds of dollars on things that we do not need or we splurge on things that we could in actual use the money to invest as well. Examples of things we use money on that we could save are newspapers. Every newspaper posted online is free, so why purchase them at fifty cents or one dollar per day. This would give from 3.50 to 7.00 per week left to invest with. Some newspapers are more expensive

• Smokers waste a minimum of $30 dollars per week on cartons of cigarettes. People that smoke should never purchase these by the pack because they cost on average of $1.00 per pack more. Discounts of approximately $10.00 per month are true carton is purchased.

• Coffee is something many people splurge on daily. A specialty cup of coffee or cappuccino will cost four or five dollars per cup. If you purchase brew coffee and add specialized creamers that cost about 3 dollars for a whole bottle, you can make hundreds of special flavored coffee for total of about 10 dollars a week or two. This will save loads of money for you to invest.

• Saving your change from dollars. It is a proven fact that people usually will not pull out change to pay for something so we all end up with loads of change in our pocket. If you were to save this change for a month, you will have money to invest.

• Selling items on auction sites will help generate revenue for you to invest with. Sell the items you no longer use on auction site or Craigslist.

• Second jobs can be picked up easily and earn you extra cash. Babysitting will earn a minimum of ten dollars for you in one evening. Starting a website online is a good way to earn extra money. By doing this you can earn extra cash while you sleep. The initial investment of setting up the site will benefit you after the site is loaded and working for you. This will help you to earn money to invest.

• Go back to school. Some people that have minimal income and would qualify for grants can go back to school online or take a few classes at the local community college. If qualified for FAFSA, you will have money left over from the grant to invest in wealth building techniques like stock trading or websites.

• Clip coupons. Grocery shopping money saved from coupon clipping especially if you use a grocery store that accepts coupons pays you double the price. You can also make money at the grocery store if you buy in bulk as opposed to all the small sample packages that cost more.

• Sale extra items in your house. Yard sales, house cleaning and side jobs will help with earning money for wealth building.

• Having a smaller deduction taken from your paycheck. If you always get money back from IRS, then take more deductions and get more of your money on your check each week.

Any of these ideas will help you to have extra funds to invest in stocks, or anything else you wish to invest in for wealth building.

Source by Sean F Kitt

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