iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus comparison: How will Apple’s new iPhones compare?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 will likely launch on Tuesday, and we based on what we know, we can give you a good idea of how they will compare to one …


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  1. I want them to make an iPhone x Plus I the feeling of big phones but I don’t want the plus because it has a smaller screen than the x see this is why I need a doctor I’m stressed out

  2. I pay 47k pesos for my iphone7plus but the iphone 8plus will only cost about 43k and my iphone has only 32gb What the actual fuck! Didnt i just got scam?

  3. ireless charger: ———– 3years old
    Fast charger:—————– 5 years old
    OLED screen:—————– Dinosaurs era
    Celular watches:———– 4 years old
    Water resistant:———— Harlem-Shake era
    Face ID/ Face Unlock:—- Not so New
    Bezel-Less Screen:——– *Not Applicable
    Headphone Jack:——— Buy Our AirPod you cheapo

    iPhone X, the future is here……JK, give me your $$$$.
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  4. Will they come out with more colors for the iPhone X? I plan on getting it but I'm literally waiting until they add more colors cause right now there is silver and space gray.

  5. Lol what this is is one phone for the masses (8 and 8 plus) and one for the rich(x) so that we mere mortals dont have the same phone as kim kardashian and jayz.

  6. The new iPhone X has face recognition to unlock it.  Something that is really not essential.
    6 core processor, not even 8.

    Slightly less than 4K screen.

    No optical zoom lens.
    Only 3GB main memory – even phones costing less than £200 have 6GB.
    Another feature is a gimmick, which isanimated cartoon faces which match your expressions continuously.
    A bit disappointing really for $1000.

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