Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unboxing video

It’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unboxing time. This is easily the most powerful smartphone ever from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch QuadHD Super …


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  1. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the undisputed heavyweight champion of 2017. Plain and simple the Note 8 is the highest quality device out right now. I seriously doubt the Pixel 2 will even come close to the Note 8's awesome build quality. The only people complaining about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are the coupon clippers who are still rocking the Moto G3rd Gen.

  2. I wish Galaxy note 8 was mid size between s8 and + and had rounded edges, I think it would be great ??

  3. Hang on that was an American charger does that mean you can't even get them for tech channels in the UK yet? Man I really wanna try this out in a phone shop WHEN IS IT COMING TO THE UK

  4. Would love to know how big a difference in sound quality from this note and LG v30. I never owned a note phone.. Do they put better dac in them?

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