Sony Xperia XZ Premium hands on review

Sony’s back with a new high-end phone… and we really mean high end. In fact, bar the fact the Sony Xperia XZ Premium ‘only’ got 4GB of RAM, it’s hard to see …


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  1. Like this better than my daughters s8, She's dropped that three times already it's curved screen is hard to grip, and that bloody bing button activates when held ?

  2. Just bought this phone, it is the cheapest low quality phone I've ever had. It feels like it's all plastic. The phone vibrates badly from the sound of the speakers. The 4k screen is OK but very underrated. Don't believe the hype, this phone is not premium in any way. I am returning this asap

  3. I appreciate the fact that you mentioned there are lights and a clean background that support the slow motion camera and making look better than typical shots.

  4. Why does bezels even matter. Rather have a Bezel phone with a quality camera and better speakers than a bezel less phone with shit speakers/camera

  5. always been a fan! they only get better, only problem I wish they resolve is whenever i record anything 4k or 1080 camera all heats up and camera turns off! I wish they would sort this out.

  6. hopefully that stupid snapdragon 835 doesnt overheat. my z5p heats up underload, nothing bothersome. it doesnt affect performamce that much. i was hoping it would explode like samsumg, so far i'm glad it disappointed me.

  7. lol Sony with the new XZ premium be like " move bitch get off my way pushes Samsung's head get off my way bitch pushes apple's head get off my way "

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