Smarter Data Management! – CryptoCurrency Data Management – Essentia Crypto ICO Review

Smarter data management with this cryptocurrency Essentia!
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$11 million fund for growth of projects on its protocol
$1 million global hackathon
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  1. Seems to be a pretty comprehensive platform. Question: does essentia lets you do atomic swaps between all of the coins on their platform? MBQ1jcpN2s52iVankNeiaKmFnNRM1fvGzn

  2. Another informative, insightful, brilliant post from CCN!!! Thanks a lot… Excellent overview on Essentia.. you introduced many things in the video…  MPVMMrRCnzNWjX8rBJAU1cB3FHyNRioMxQ

  3. Great project! I really like how it connects everything together. Makes crypto it easier more user friendly. I can see how this can be a real winner in the space. Ltc

  4. Great review guys! What happened to the two lite coin for the deep dive review. Won’t be investing.

  5. Essentia has a great team working on it. The layout of the apps GUI looks amazingly easy. Great deep dive. Keep giving us some great info. Thanks always
    LTC: LbeAayuCRQaA6qyDtBFYQ7hwkrRa1h7fih

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