Top 7 All-Electric Sports Cars / 2018-2020

Representing Top 7 All-Electric Sports Cars that Achieve Maximum Performance Immediately.

01: Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept
02: The Cupra e-Racer
03: Porsche Mission E
04: Tesla Roadster
05: Rimac C-Two
06: Genovation GXE
07: Nio EP9

Ferrari and Lamborghini will also join these companies to produce all electric sports cars that will make you hesitate weather to buy ICE cars or to Go Electric;)



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  1. I just cant muster any excitement over electric cars. Sure they have their advantages but I just cant justify them for a car guy like myself. I'll stick to gas cars until the very end.

  2. EVs are hype to sell more cars, not save the environment.
    This is from an article in The Guardian… a liberal website BTW:
    "Electric cars still release particle pollution into the air from wearing tyres, brakes and road surfaces. Already more particle pollution comes from wear than from the exhausts of modern vehicles… one study found that the extra weight of the batteries means more particle pollution compared with the petrol or diesel vehicles that we buy today"

    Also, modern cars are so efficient that the most environmentally friendly thing one can do is to not by any new ones. The environmental cost of build a new global fleet of cars is much higher than driving the current fleet.

    Sadly, "Drive your current car and keep it in a good state of repair", isn't a sexy battle cry for the environmentalists… or should I say wanna be environmentalists.

  3. its all good and all until they make it against the law to drive cars… then you can kiss ferrari and lambo good buy.

  4. 5:30 Genovation GXE Only 60 kWh battery in a sports car? At these performances (600 kW), this Chevy Corvette grand sport conversion will run out of energy in less than 150 miles, unless driven at laughable 55 mph.

    And 7-gear manual gearbox? Not only that this is stupid (only Rimac uses two gears, everybody else uses just one), it just adds weight. Maybe they ran out of money before they threw it out. 750k for a Corvette EV? Even the first Lotus Elise converted Tesla Roadster 1 was five times cheaper.

    And a Model S P100D leaves all cars mentioned before in dust anytime.

  5. Always good videos, but annoying how the USA is basically now the only non-metric country in the world. The video features many European cars, which of course would be providing Future Lab with the videos and the performance figures. Obviously they then convert these figures to the old imperial measurements. Why not leave the METRIC measurements in and have both, for the world market to watch. Honestly, do I want to pause the video every few moments and Google the conversion? No!

  6. Rimac is sold out after two is lvl 4 autopilot car and as Mate have said for our media its top speed is el. limited to 412km/h of safety reasons….it could go 500 but there are no tires for such speed

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