Oppo Find 7 Rant!

Oppo Find 7 is coming. We’re just gonna have to brace ourselves. Oppo’s tease: https://twitter.com/oppo/status/412781787807371264 Oppo’s new tease: …


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  1. @Marques BrownleeI'm replacing the lcd and digitizer on the oppo find 7 qhd phone. I know there's another model with a 1080p display. If I buy an assembly from eBay would the resolution be affected when I replace it? Like if the assembly was for the 1080p model, will mine cease to be 2k? Thanks in advance

  2. 720p or 1080p is good enough for me and I don't see much of a difference. Just another gimmick and it's just adding higher price tag.

  3. Pretty much nearly every flagship has a 1440p display now.

    Wait 'till we get 4K on a phone. Prepare for 1 hour battery life with no real-world benefit whatsoever.

  4. Yes. Now we r in 2015 and iam watching your video on a 2k resolution display in my tablet. Now note 4, g3, droid turbo, s6, find 7 have this display. There is going to be htc one m9+ going to be released with 2k display.

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