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  1. i have played this game several times. I want Ducktales 2 remastered. as well as remaster of the Darkwing Duck NES game! I do think the controls are randomly wonky which I don't know if that is me or the game. I have just recently finished it on hardest difficult. that hit detection is an issue but comes as a price of the less pixelated blocky graphics that could help you define the "hit block." Th I do find that the cut scenes although annoying are fun for the first time or to enjoy. Just hit start, hit A and be on your way. NO big deal. it stops game play for about 2 seconds. I think it would be cool solution to turn them off as an option but the voice actors are spot on and originals from the show. I would give this game a 8.5 due to replayability and sheer love that went into it.

  2. I agree that the gameplay is a bit uneven, but.. annoying story? Nah, man. It's just charming to get more story from a TV show that ended many, many years ago. If it wasn't for the story, then we'd probably rarely look at the beautifully animated fan favorite characters and the voice acting would be reduced to a few quips that Scrooge sometimes offers, when he takes damage, attacks a guy or jumps from a ladder.

  3. I don't get the issue with the story sequences. They make the classic game more like the classic series it's based on and that's really good. Integrated original voice acting, yay! It adds a lot in my opinion

  4. The story was awesome. It's like playing a lost episode of the show. How can this reviewer say he likes the cartoon and then dis on this game's story? Remastered is an awesome game.

  5. yes the game was pretty good but I only to end of the Video when I have to get first dollar and I keep Dying I died so many times in that game but its was so fun to Play those thanks for your reviews pretty Awesome

  6. I have to agree with many comments that this review is not only overly harsh, but also blatantly wrong at times. This is how remakes should be done and developers should take note. Very fun game that stays true to the original while being its own thing.

  7. I'm a little surprised that the absolute quality poured into this game slipped by the reviewer. I just burned a CD of the remastered music onto  a CD so I could listen to it in my car.

  8. I would love to see Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers and the Ninja Gaiden games remastered in the same way. Actually, just remaster the whole Nintendo library and throw it on steam. I'd go broke buying them all!

  9. As a fan of the originals, i would add 1.5 point to my personal review.
    I agree that the small cutscenes would have been better if you could skip them when replaying levels, and i would have loved to see the 8-bit original included as a bonus (since you can get the originals songs from the extras), but other then that Remastered for me was a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  10. ign is exaggerating how hard it is to skip cut scenes, the only buttons you have to press are you just have to pause it and click the first button on the list

  11. I didn't find the story annoying at all. I love their voices 🙂 I found the story a really high point to the game, without it, it wouldn't be the same at all. The story makes it so fun, plus you can skip it if you want to. It's a really great game to just cozy up to at the end of the day. It's a really fair game too. I never even watched Duck Tales (except the mr scrooge christmas special) but you don't need to even watch it to  love the game. It's just a good game 🙂 I played for a good 8 hours today haha, despite having all the latest wii u games, this one just was so fun, couldn't stop playing 🙂 It's very charming and cute. Mr scrooge and the others are adorable in this game haha. It brings you back to the 90's too, it's just fun game you will want to play to the end. 🙂 It's also very beautiful to look at, the characters, enemies, and levels are all done very very well!

  12. I enjoyed Ducktales Remastered so much as much as i loved the original Ducktales games on NES 🙂 . This game was so much fun to play and i loved the voiceacting , levels, music and the bossbattles and the graphics and the art is so beautifuly made 🙂

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