10 Reliable SUVs You Can Still Buy: Old Models Updated to Make New History

Not so long ago we featured on our channel an episode about the most reliable cars of 2018, according to most recent studies from iSeeCars and consumer reports that are expected to last over 200,000.

Today we wanted to follow up on that episode and bring to you a list solely focused on the most dependable SUVs and crossovers that are on sale today. Besides serving for nearly two decades, these large automobiles offer superior safety, highest level of comfort and boundless cargo capacity.

The next time you are planning to buy an SUV, do consider consulting with this list, even if you do not need your car to serve that long, you will definitely save up on repairs needed during ownership.

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Cars featured in this video:

Chevrolet Suburban: chevrolet.com/suburban-large-suv

This is one of the longest lasting SUVs on the world’s market, the first Chevrolet Suburban was released in 1935 and it continues to evolve until this day.

Toyota Sequoia: toyota.com/sequoia

Though Toyota Sequoia has not been updated for a decade now, it still remains a capable full-size SUV with zealous following due to the high reliability and safety.

Volvo XC90 T8: volvocars.com/us/cars/new-models/xc90

Many awards that the Volvo XC90 has won throughout the years proves that it is one of the best SUVs of modern days. The level of luxury you get with this Volvo is unmatched.

Toyota 4Runner: toyota.com/4runner

Toyota 4Runner is a classic body on frame SUV that was built to explore the most unreachable spots on our planet while still enjoying posh interior and lots of space in the cabin.

Honda CR-V: shop.honda.com/cr-v.aspx

After receiving a full update in 2017 Honda CR-Vset a standard for the rivals to follow. It demonstrates great fuel economy and lots of standard features, unavailable among the rivals for the same price.

Chevrolet Tahoe: chevrolet.com/suvs/tahoe-full-size-suv

If you are looking for one of the biggest SUVs in the world, the Chevrolet Tahoe does qualify for the title. It is enormous and offers truly royal features to the occupants.

Ford Expedition: ford.com/suvs/expedition

This is the current leader in terms of size among the models offered by Ford. The extended version of Ford Expedition is called Max and it can seat 8 passengers.

Acura MDX: www.acura.com/mdx

Being the premium brand from Honda, Acura MDX keeps the level of luxury high and attracts buyers due to the rich package of standard features as well as unlimited number of optional upgrades.

Toyota Highlander: toyota.com/highlander

Equipped with Toyota safety sense the 2018 Highlander is a spacious 8-seater that has affordable price and very appealing design, if you were to ask us, the best family SUV on the market.

Cadillac Escalade: cadillac.com/crossovers-suvs/escalade-suv

Built on the same platform as less luxurious models from General Motors, Cadillac Escalade serves as the flagship full-size SUV from this auto giant.


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