BEST META VR GAME EVER! – Virtual Virtual Reality (Oculus Go Games)

In Virtual Virtual Reality you get to enter Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality on your Oculus Go. Are you confused yet? Subscribe to join our VR adventures!


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About the Author: Cas and Chary VR


  1. Yes I'm confused already! hehe I can't wait to try this game too. Skimmed through the video so I didn't get any spoilers. Love you ladies

  2. No, I'm not confused Cas & Chary, because if you take the Virtual out of Reality, then you a virtually sure that Reality is no longer Virtually Virtual, and that should mean that your Reality is now no longer Virtual, even if you are in a Virtual Virtual Reality to begin with, and it's now purely based on Reality…………………………… EASY!!!Β Β  ;P

  3. that moment when you are too early that the video has only 360 p quality πŸ˜€ …….. gonna come back in a minute

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