It’s Finally Here! But is it Worth It? (Sirin Labs CryptoCurrency Finney)

It’s finally here, but is the Finney smartphone worth it? Sirin Labs CryptoCurrency announces more Finney details!
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  1. You originally said "Crypto-Minute" was going to be about informative, breaking news in the Crypto world. Instead you're just plugging another sponsor (you admitted before that SRN paid you). Sort of disappointed…

  2. Hi Zach and Friends,
    Thanks for the show! SRN i Like it Greetings from Holland
    LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D

  3. When crypto is really popular, 🙂
    Couldnt apple just make the same kind of phone and run them out of buisness instantly?

  4. On Instagram , has a post about the South Korean National Assembly meeting July 13th to 26th to determine the legal status of blockchain and the possible regulations they may impose on crypto. South Korea is a major player in crypto. We'll see what they rule. It's going to be tough until they rule.

  5. Frankly I wouldn't get an expensive phone like that. Not worth it. I believe most people would feel the same way… Remember that Google Glass ???

    LTC: LLMwa2GxeHQofxasgGcEsgWASSN9yJZTmY

  6. yes, why is so expensive?? if they raised 157 millions in the ICO, the people that bought the ico finance their project and now they offered one of the most expensive phones on the market, I will not buy it even if I had the money

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