What Makes These Earbuds So Special?

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are a value focused set of wireless earbuds. For $69 you get a good sounding pair of headphones that are lightweight, fit well and …


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  1. Syllable d3X 10$, sound quality about 7/10 Viper brings the experience to about 8,5. Battery last for like 6hours, sweatproof, good build quality. ALSO HAVE MAGNETS. I recommend

  2. Hey lew excellent review as always. What's that watch your sporting? Also I am looking to get a Samsung gear watch…..should i wait for the new line? Or get the s3…….? Hope you see this.

  3. I have a pair of sound bug surge from Anker and I love them. Shure, it doesn't have fast charging or ot doesn't shut itself down when the magnets stick together. But for only 21€! These are the headsets that I would recomend.

  4. Lou, how about the LG Tone series? They are around $75 USD, for the basic set I believe. Noise cancelling, a very minor amount of bass, high quality sound. As well as various other functions for the business minded folk.

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