Are Altcoins Dead? (CryptoCurrency Altcoin Dominance)

Are Altcoins dead? CryptoCurrency altcoin dominance is going down as Bitcoin gains more control!
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  1. Alt coins will grow, once everyone feels safe about the market and we get new buyers. ETF's will definitely improve the entire market but as regulation is implemented the alt coins that are strong products will survive and rise at that.

  2. How to write on forums that 80 percent of the altcoins will die, but every year new)) I think that feniks will not die like other altcoins and will only go up.

  3. No ETF = cheap bitcoin. I need to get more BTC before it becomes mass adopted, and can be used as everyday currency/taxes…Soooo come on BTC crash, Sub $1000 would be AWESOME!! The only ones that should be wishing for $50,000 BTC are the ones that already hold a big position, and who want to convert it to USD. Screw that,,,I'll never convert to USD, BTC is worth more as BTC then USD, IMHO. I'm focused on generational wealth, not friggin moon lambos. BTC above 1mil within 15yrs, Then the govs can come in with their BS. BTC is the ONLY coin that matters.

  4. Altcoin season has not started yet. People are just pumping BTC due to upcoming ETF. However, once that is done the money will shoot back into Alts. Therefore, anyone with sense will stock up on Alts now as it will be too late once the money comes back.

  5. Lfb8DuNhA6qJEKzgygFS5vuFytYZ8LR3oH
    Thank u for the great video
    Market will be huge
    Be ready to wait for few months even few years….Crypto is the future and all banks ,billionaires know this … sooner or later all will want to get piece of the Crypto cake
    JUST buy the dips Relax and HODL

  6. I don't think there will be a flippening. I do think btc dominance will be as high as it is now for the coming months. I think the etf gets rejected at first and gets approved after 90 days

  7. This has been something I’ve been debating for my portfolio, but I’m still unsure. It’s going to be something that I debate before the ETF decision comes out

  8. Zach I think even if the ETF is not approved I still think Bitcoin will continue to go up and I do think it will be approved just maybe not right on August 10th they will probably take their sweet time because it is the SEC and the government sucks!

  9. Zach, you said it was crypto news in a New York minute, but it was 2 minutes and 8 Seconds… I I think you should throw on a helmet and some pads and called the 2-minute drill! ??

  10. BIG NEWS BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! You need to watch the Bloomberg Interview about Blackrock (#ETF) (#BITCOIN) … I am not sure entirely what I am hearing but at 24:02 of (BlackRock's Fink Says Trade Tensions May Sink Stocks) They are saying that they do not plan to invest in BTC. However they do believe in ETF's and other investment groups might be looking at BTC. I would love someone to review this interview and explain.

    Big News!!!!!

  11. I own exactly one lite coin. do you think it's wise to sell that lite coin right now or should I hold on to that 1 lite coin for the future? I think I'll probably hold on to it because you never know.
    Keep up the good videos

  12. BTC has been gaining dominance annoyingly so for the ETH dominant holders. Been considering switching some of my ETH to BTC. I’m keeping everything in ETH until everything settles a lil more….either way I agree that it’s important the BTC passes ETF for the entire crypto community ??

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