Could Bitcoin Fall to $5,000? (CryptoCurrency Bitcoin Price Predictions)

Could Bitcoin fall to $5,000 in 2018? We go over Bitcoin price predictions in the CryptoCurrency market!
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  4. Bitcoin, Foreign exchange, stocks, property and assets they are all the same. In order for someone to win/make money someone has to lose/drop money it's as simple as that. What counts is when you get in and when you get out. Stock brokers can confirm this as they gamble with your money/assets never their own, they take their % cut at the start of the investment so they never lose. Welcome to the roller coaster!!

  5. Nope, G20 should provide regulatory frame work, SEC finally comes out with regulations on ICOs. ETF delay I don’t think has that much an impact because the market sentiment is changing. Institutional money is quietly entering they don’t want to fomo after etf approval.

  6. It's all a guess. I think August 10 is an important date, but we had a lot of 'important' dates the last months and none of them delivered.


  7. Not only are we going to see $5,000 again but I believe somewhere around $3500 will be the floor and I'm thinking that will happen in August when the FTA does not get approved… Still to early for any new FTA's, more then likely will happen at the end of 2019… Bitcoin will not see $50,000 this year (wishful thinking) and more then likely will not even see $10,000 again this year… I would be very surprised to even see bitcoin reach above $8,900 from the rest of 2018..

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  9. Been seeing a lot of the post where Gold ETF will also have a similar trend with Bitcoin. What we fail to realize is that Gold is already well accepted unlike Crypto.

  10. Am calling it at 5500 that's where I'll buy in back and I still think it might test 3000 because these areas are were u r going to see alot a people buying in …who is with me on that send me some coin 33BH4JoqaoQHcCJSZJNFeehzrrwahLtm7J

  11. Most crypto Youtubers & news sites are fucking useless and clueless. Only Node Investor & Alessio Rastani is worth subscribing too.

  12. Mr Bitmex has his own incentives he makes his money ? on volatility he prays for bitcoin to go up and then crash back down !
    Got some bad news mr Bitmex the bottom is in and it ain’t going back to $5K the CBEO ETF will be approved the writing is on the wall all the big players have accumulated there bags ? of Bitcoin good luck to you all my bags are loaded buy now or forever regret the missed opportunity ✌️

  13. Crypto Crow has Bitcoin going to possibly $280, 000 by the year end ??? I know it sounds incredulous but you ought to watch his video about it because while I think it's ridiculous to think that it will happen at the end of this year everything else he mentions in his videos is actually quite encouraging for the future money that may very well be dumped into the cryptocurrency market.

  14. I dont know about 50k by year end but it would be nice to see 15k at least by year end but im not too optimistic about that right now either. but thanks for keeping the spirit there haha.

    Ok I also do see a pull back coming but long run ….. yesssss moooonnnn shot!!!
    Just remember that is only a 7X from now. DCA gives you a 8X if this report is correct. Shorting (more dangerous)10X if you find the bottom. Im excited Lets Go!
    I am still not getting rid of my ALT coins ETH, LTC, MCO, NEO, BNB, ENG, DASH

  16. There are too many signals, short term, that say we are going up near term. Just two weeks ago most were saying 5,000 tomorrow. Will there be corrections with each surge in growth, yes. But a retracement below so many levels of support then a resurgance to such of a high seems way too volatile and unluckly. We should look at the markets as what is more likely rather than possible. Anything is possible but the smart money is on what is most likely to happen.

  17. 100% not hitting 50k in the next 6 months. Not only that, it wouldn't be healthy for it to do that. "We" need to establish support levels and if we skyrocket up that fast it'll make it that much easier to come crashing back down (just like how we went from 7k to 20k).

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