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CNBC’s Brian Kelly, “This Bitcoin Rally Is Real”

CNBC’s Brian Kelly, “This Bitcoin Rally Is Real”

Here’s why the bitcoin rally is real: Brian Kelly

Hashflare cancels BTC contracts. Users scream, “Bitconeeeect.”

Hashflare cancels BTC contracts. Users scream, “Bitconeeeect.”

Hashflare Shuts Down Bitcoin Mining Service and Cancels All Bitcoin Contracts

Is Ripple getting ready for the moon?

Is Ripple Getting Ready For The Moon?

SEC to Announce Decision On Five Bitcoin ETFs on September 21st

Cboe Vaneck ETF Is Still Being Reviewed While Five Others Are On Hold

SEC Announcement

Social SEND

Social SEND on Twitter

Chinese Masternodes stats

SEND Affiliate Program

Hashflare Facebook Statement

Dear users!As you know, the last few months have been a difficult time for the cryptocurrency market, which has also…

Posted by on Friday, July 20, 2018


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  2. I dont know why you cover things that are being reported on cnbc. I think we all know that their reporting (especially on market movement) is always late and mostly crap. I follow you because I need real insider news and info before it hits mainstream bs media. Bit dissapointing

  3. Been subscribed to this channel for months now. Hasn't been showing up on my recommended or anything. Had to manually look it up to find it. Youtube needs to fix this issue. Been going on way too long now.

  4. It is time for BTC to take back what other coins took in the meantime. Revenge. Look at the entire market, only old players in the market are holding up, while almost every other assets is dying slowly.
    BTC for life! –> 13zaBEk5DqTvqyJhqg4pTnvFoo82itUs6d

  5. I am so happy to see InstaDEX and Social Send appear in this video. Both have huge potential and will go very far in the near future!

  6. This BULL RUN is the real deal… it will keep climbing into the first half of Jan, 2019 and then drop 40 to 60%. So this time jump to Tether or cash and wait for the next big dip! Us HODLERs will rejoice.

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  8. Thanks Mattie, great to see more GOOD News than bad, is been 90% Great Positive news, and it is Really starting to Show, especially for The King, The Ruler, The Bomb, The Master of All Coins, BITCOIN. Right now @ $8,305.18 and Climbing for that 10K mark maybe by the end of July, YES, Peace

  9. There is a weird connection with cryptocurrency. It’s become part of our lives. It’s something that you can almost feel and I feel the bulls getting ready. $500 billion marketcap by end of August and $1trillion by Jan 10th 2019.

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