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Google Adds Litecoin, Ethereum, And Bitcoin Cash To Its Currency Exchange Calculator

Google Adds Litecoin, Ethereum, And Bitcoin Cash To Its Currency Exchange Calculator

Sergey Brin says Google ‘failed to be on the bleeding edge’ of blockchain

The TRON Foundation Acquires BitTorrent Inc.

The TRON Foundation Acquires BitTorrent Inc.

It’s Official: BitTorrent Is Now Part of TRON!

Coinbase Announces Crypto Gift Cards

Coinbase Announces Crypto Gift Cards

Coinbase Crypto to eGift Cards


Announcing a new way to spend your Coinbase crypto — e-gift cards!

IOStoken Twitter


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  1. from what I’ve read and heard, it seems like Tron aims to eliminate the gap between content creators and content consumers. No need for youtube or google or any other site a content creator would need to use to get the content promoted. Tron is trying to “decentralize the entertainment industry”. Based on my research so far Tron has more than a few projects their working on. At this point I’m not sure if the Tron Foundation even knows what they are going to be. Right now Tron seems to be more than just a protocol but less than exciting until they give us some info about Tron Virtual Machine and another secret release in a few days. Follow the upcoming Tron news and we’ll figure out what they want to be.

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  3. That was a great video, really insightful. allow me to use this same space to recognise Brandon Gaston, as the single most dedicated trader i ever met. Just a couple of days ago, i was referred as i had been seeing people testifying about the good he has been doing for traders.??????

  4. tron is always will be a shit coin. no development just a bunch of hype bullshit. bitcoin diamond is the next coin on coinbase and the next bitcoin. It already went up 50%. It's abviously the next bitcoin. I sold everything to invest in bitcoin diamond.

  5. Thanks mate, Great video TRX is indeed a Great coin, After Long it is back in news, Just in love with your Videos man, well I am also holding (KKN) which imo is having great prospects for growth!

  6. Yes, Google is starting to embrace cryptocurrencies and we as users of the search engine could now see the prices of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) using Google currency exchange calculator. It's a good sign and hopefully in the future, more other coins will be added. What other coins you guys want Google to add in for the Google currency exchange calculator? Meanwhile, the Tron Foundation has officially acquired BitTorrent Inc. BitTorrent has more than 100 million active users worldwide. Perhaps the Tron Foundation can tap into this user base through incentives. The most likely incentive will be in the form of TRX. Therefore, these machines that are already in the BitTorrent network will further the decentralization of the web as envisioned by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation. What's your opinion? Will love to hear from you all. 🙂

  7. Not going to lie, Bittorrent being part of Tron sounds pretty good. Just need some more information to see how much impact it's gonna have on Trons vision.

  8. Hey Mattie! Great video as always. I'm sitting on a TON of TRX so it's great always great to hear that the team is moving forward. I do have a question however, are you familiar with the project" TKY" The Key? I've fallen deeply in love with it and would like to know your opinion on it.

  9. TRON & Bittorrent – no more free movie downloads – once your torrent download completes they automatically deduct from your wallet – chaching… "David" might have just centralized the big decentralized "Goliath" after all.

  10. Tron buying BitTorrent is huge. Remember trons goal is decentralized the Internet! Twitter, Facebook and Amazon uses BitTorrent technology on their Backend!! Now Tron owns that technology. Tron is buying what makes the Internet… the Internet!

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