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  1. Two years of work, 4 patches, and hundreds of smaller fixes.
    NMS's score goes up a single point.

    LAMO how will Sean goons EVER recover?

  2. This is my biggest problem, the combat is absolutely trash and most SNES games have better Artificial Intelligence. There's no excuse for it being this bad.

  3. This was such a poor review. Did you guys even bother playing the game or did you just watch a few YouTube videos and called it a day?

  4. I’m loving this game so far, played for 15 hours and I finally found a planet and spot I really like to begin building a base. I’m definitely going to play this game for a long while

  5. For those saying that it is not repetitive, what i think IGN means and what I personally think is that for a space simulator games there are so much possibilities for e.g why should foraging the materials be of the same way for the shere number of planets there are it sure gets repetitive, the combat is also extremely poor for a game so huge.
    For those saying that a racing game is also repetitive remember that a racing game includes races cars and someone to win
    Whereas a space simulator is a game with endless possibilities

  6. 7? i’m saying it deserves around an 8, but whatever that’s not why i’m here, the first time they reviewed it it got a 6, and it’s the SAME GUY, wtf?? even if it’s not your favorite game i the world, there has been soo much content added over the past 2 years that i think it deserves more than just 1 point up

  7. Dan Stapleton hates doing work, lol he gave Jurassic world evolution a 4.8/10 bcuz he thinks it’s too much work

  8. In all fairness you can't expect such a small team to make such a big game. Though they are continuing on updates so idk why people are complaining

  9. 1:01 Actually the toxicity bar isn’t the same bar as the hazard bar for heat and cold. The hazard bar you have to find a safe place from bad weather or just inject it with sodium (Na). The toxicity bar you need to kill the source of toxins or run out of it. You cannot inject Na to recover from toxicity. Both bars can be simultaneously up and you will have to manage both.

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