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  1. Every time I hear a reviewer list something that they personally didn't like about the game, I just think "Yeah that sounds like WarioWare" and get even more excited for it. Personally, I can understand giving this a 7; WarioWare games thrive on unpredictability and once that's gone they can start to get a little monotonous. I still can't wait to get this though!

  2. That was their intention for this game: to compile the best microgames from throughout the series and add some new ones too for an installment aimed at newcomers and nostalgia lovers. They did it once before with another series: remember Rhythm Heaven Megamix?

  3. >Inb4 people complaining about IGN as a whole instead of the one person that wrote the review
    >inb4 people complaining about the trivial concept of a review score instead of focusing on the points made
    >inb4 people complaining about a review in the first place because someone has a different perspective on something they like

  4. This guy basically complains a microgame collection is a microgame collection.

    Edit: Also his complaints about the unlockables are just asinine.

  5. Don't listen to these people, warioware has a lot of content. I just love it and I can't wait to play it. Friday can't come any faster!!

  6. "Oh, no! It does mostly nothing new! That must mean it's AWFUL!"
    7/10 isn't awful. Though honestly, I think IGN still needs to stop assuming a perfect game is always a better one from the previous installment. If you can't judge a game on its own merits, you're not exactly doing it right.

  7. Daily reminder that 5 is an average game, 6 is better than average, and 7 is basically worth the money. A 7 isn't bad lmao

  8. Unlockable music and cutscenes don’t sound like lame unlockables at all. That’s far more than most games give you.

    Also, why are people harping on this game so much for being a collection of previous microgames? Like, if you really love the series is replaying them for presumably the first time in years really that quick to bore you? And why do full-on remakes like all the Wii U ports and Zelda 3DS games not get this complaint? At least there’s actually new content here.

  9. Only real WarioWare fans know that the "lame" trinket collectibles have been main staples of the portable installments

  10. As a huge WarioWare fan, this game deserves more than a 7, to be honest. Sure, there are a lot of reused Microgames, but they add tons of replayability and make you say, "OH! THAT'S THAT GAME FROM SMOOTH MOVES, etc." And some of the reused Microgames play differently than their originals.

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