Japanese Crypto Crack Down, Awesome Developments, Quebec Miner Rules – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Japanese regulators make surprise move issuing new rules to exchanges, loads of great developments from the Winklevoss twins, Federal Reserve, and South Korea, and Quebec forcing miners to compete for power.

Sorry guys, no links today, just speaking of today’s headlines from memory.

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  1. Lark, bro., sorry to disagree with you about the fundamentals of btc having changed or not. Really, the ONLY fundamental IS THE MARKET. E.g., I can have the greatest product but if I don't have the skill to market that product, the fundamentals of the product are meaningless. Or, suppose I have a product that is unique, a new paradigm shift with new fundamental principles, yet it's easy to copy or create a facsimile of it. The competition can claim they have a better product and even sell their product while accumulating the product they are competing against. In this case I site coins like DASH or DECRED, and others. My point is BTC and Alts are at a crossroads that is really a crisis. The price fixing by Tether and the Whales, the creation of so called Crypto coins or tokens that are not decentralized or some that are downright scams. The abuse and downright thievery of the exchanges, the Gemini Brothers included. All this in a way is good to weed out the interlopers, but what happens when coding and creating new coins or tokens becomes as ubiquitous as making hamburgers? When it becomes a Gestell? What happens then? I say make your money while you can, because this market is too expansive to replace fiat. For example, what happens when everyone can create a token or a coin?

  2. One Take – Bravo!
    I had to watch this video twice because the green screen was so awesome 😛 😛 😛 😛 – Keep doing this outside there and all of a sudden we gonna have a crowd gathering around!That guy on the sidewalk 3:27 is like; "That guy wearing the same damn shirt I got on, he's lucky he's wearing a vest!" This was a really great video. Cheers from Florida!

  3. We seriously need a decoupling from BTC. Seriously Lark how do we do this? Its like a stock dropping and pulling all others stocks down with it. Its BS. These projects need to stand on their own.

  4. Love the background! It's forking awesome! Or… it's the world's cleanest green screen with beach sounds mixed in and a fan blowing your hair to simulate a breeze. Well done. Lol

  5. I agree with you that the fundamentals of bitcoin have not changed. I think the rise to 20k, led by the media, and hype was too fast for its own good. Better to rise to 25k over 5 years not 3 months. Unfortunately there were a lot of people that probably bought bitcoin at that high price and have sold off. Some of those people won't be coming back anytime soon. However, this isn't new. Bitcoin has done this before and before that. Each time it recovers it moves higher. The next bull run could be quite exciting, because I think right now companies are putting all the infrastructure in place.

  6. The fundamentals for BTC have changes drastically and everyone can see that except BTC fundamentalists. The financial industry is adapting, Tether is getting more useful, no other blockchain is using BTC to secure their network as BTC hoped for, the Lightning Network is proven to be useless crap, the use of BTC is dropping, threats against the network due to the combination of worthless ASICs and futures that can be shorted and so on. And what good news or developments are there? Nada.

    When for example EOS has proven itself, you will have instant free transaction for any kind of stable-coin or token. Only morons will continue to buy BTC in hope of that another bigger moron will pay more for it.

    BTC will bounce around a little, but then continue to $3000 and eventually fall off a cliff due to attacks.

  7. I think in this Bear market its worth looking at the ol psychology of a market chart. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@mastercore/crypto-market-analysis-the-wall-street-cheat-sheet-vs-bitcoin-2017 Try to take your emotions out of this. If you sell now, you might regret it. Buy low sell high, nothing else. This is the time to accumulate. Anyone who did this last fall benefited greatly from the December/January rise. This time around, I expect the next bull run to be much more mature and based on companies delivering real products rather than hype, media, and speculation. There are a lot of really great projects out there.

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