Why I Believe In Bitcoin.

If you still believe in the culture shifting, game changing, status quo shattering technology that is #Bitcoin. Congratulations. Many have capitulated. Many have lost interest. You have have not. I have not. & We’re in good company.

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Dan Held Block TV Clip

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is becoming the Internet’s national currency

This U.S. Congressman Thinks Bitcoin Will Have Enormous Value And Utility Over The Long Term

Zuckerberg Congress Hearing Clip

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  1. For BTC, all & every TA failed. Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, MacD, SMA, Candle Stick, RSI, nothing works. It's just wasting time. Not a single Analyst ever came close to any price prediction.
    Every body with possible, may be, if, it could be, either goes up or down.
    Hahahahaha, who doesn't know that.
    That's why, I always say"Give me the
    News, I will give you the Charts".
    And for news, Altcoins Daily.
    Only one channel, that's my team channel.

  2. Why I believe in Bitcoin, what the Bankster‘s did, “ The Big Short,” ( Jenga) and The Bitcoin Standard. Civilization needs, and deserves a hard currency, Money which cannot be done debased by governments, and banks. Money that they can’t get their hands on too. It’s worth the risk, it’s worth the fight, it’s worth dollar cost averaging in each week. I’m focused on one thing only bitcoin, and the bitcoin standard. We can return to the constitutional republic which was founded in this country. We can return to sound financial practices. We can end these ceaseless wars and the trillions of dollars that were printed by the federal reserve to fund them.The gig is up central bankers, audit them, bankrupt out the bondholders, and start all over. As for you government workers, get ready for a big layoff we can’t afford your shit either
    I expect volatility all the way up. It’s worth it

  3. i wonder if you moon boys will be as exited to listen to this guy when btc brakes the 1k. If you can watch this guy day in day out talk about the same shit. instead take one day of and look at chico cryptos video on tether/bitfinex/crypto capital and you will understand WHY this price action will crush btc. its out on monday. stay strong

  4. Having bought in late, despite early knowledge. If you came in after September 2017, HODLing is a sucker's game. Between $2k to $20K to $3k, $14k to $7k… To $10.5k in a few hours, while still looking down to $6k, HODL does not make sense anymore.

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  6. I would not be so excited yet guys…. that pump over the weekend will create a huge cme futures gap… and we all knows ! Gaps needs to be filled – so another downturn ahead.

  7. I remember that drop, but I am enjoying this pump. I bet your glad you did not dump BTC has stated in your " I am thinking of selling video" hehe

  8. You can see bakkt continuosly setting its spot lower than the real spot price to drag it back down again. CME once open will join in on the fun. Fake spot prices dragging dow the real spot price.

  9. Facebook jumping ship on LYBRA. All the big dogs jump off like fleas. Too much heat/controversy/high risk elevated from pressure in several countries to straight up ban.

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  12. Hey guys, isn’t it so gratifying to hear some great news, it justifies our commitment to the future of crypto. I love being able to share and feel the highs and lows of our journey with fellow hodlers

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