IGN Removes Dead Cells Review Due To Plagiarism Accusations

Boomstick Gaming’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKF6xnvaCsE IGN published a review for Dead Cells, but a side-by-side comparison with …


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About the Author: Jim Sterling


  1. What I think is weird is that someone who works for a videogame journalism organization doesn't enjoy videogames enough to be totally cool with writing reviews for them.

    As a lifelong gamer, I've written a lot about videogames and enjoyed doing so. Why are IGN and other such organizations hiring people who aren't all about videogames?

  2. Just because you link to the original video doesn't mean you can plagiarize almost 120 seconds of their content in your hastily put together drama mongering clickbait revenue video.

    And don't swear dickhead. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously.

  3. God damn Jim they stopped their bullshit and apologized. Have you ever worked for a god damn corporation? Its like you expect that every piece of work is heavily scrutinized before release. If all my work I did as an IT admin had to be judged, that would kill my morale and show me the company i work for doesnt trust me. The guy who plagiarized should be getting the shit and should be black listed for it. Instead, like typical jim Sterling, you go after the company instead. Bad journalism dude. Maybe if you understood how day to day practices worked at a business, youd get this, but you are just a youtuber with a small, easily auditable crew. The writer should be reprimanded or fired. Ign has played correct damage control. Chill yourself.

  4. I don’t get how people think this is IGN’s fault. It’s not like they only took the video when enough people complained about it. One of their writers plagiarized another review and they took the video down when it was brought to their attention. I really don’t see what else they could have done.

  5. It's very likely plagiarism, but imagine being that sorry sap who hits that .0005% chance that it just was a coincidence. Like, how would you go about the fallout? No one would believe it was a coincidence (for good reason), and apologizing would admit to guilt for something you didn't do. Not saying "reviewer did nothing wrong", just a frightening thought, to get the world's worst luck

  6. If you're going to plagiarize atleast change the damn sentence so that it would be less noticeable rather than copy almost everything word for word.

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