Square Has Good News for Octopath Fans – IGN Daily Fix

No R-rated content on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Fortnite now allows you to honk horns, and Square Enix may have some good news for you.


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  1. I will prolly get a switch eventually but if square enix ported over ff5 and ff6 advance to the switch I would pick one up in a heartbeat. Not the greatest playing those on a tiny ds lite screen!

  2. I know everyone is eager to talk about the whole plagiarism thing but on this particular video? One that doesn’t have to do with reviews and will probably receive less views than review videos?

  3. Also, how bout a port of Soul Blazer, Illusions of Gaia, Terranigma, and hmm I do not know… Xenogears on any console…

  4. All of these "did you steal this video" comments are childish and ridiculous. You guys do know that one employee does not speak nor represent the entirety of IGN, correct?

  5. Maybe people should check out The Know's video about the review plagiarism. The guy was new and IGN higher ups very unlikely saw Boomstick Gaming's review first before giving the go ahead. Not cool on the guy that plagiarized but it's not cool if people rag on IGN without fully understanding the situation and can see this as an isolated incident instead of a company conspiracy.

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