Goldman Sachs & Robinhood follow Coinbase, Ethereum Classic and More – Today’s Crypto News

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Robinhood Adds Support for Ethereum Classic

Robinhood Adds Support for Ethereum Classic

Goldman Sachs Is Considering a Custody Offering for Crypto Funds

Dutch Authorities Are Unhappy with Crypto Again

Dutch Authorities Are Unhappy with Crypto Again

Cryptocurrencies are not real money, says Dutch central bank

Cryptocurrencies are not real money, says Dutch central bank

Cryptocurrencies Will Be Mainstream In 10 Years?

Cryptocurrencies Will Be Mainstream In 10 Years?

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  2. Great article. But I think too many people use the words money and currency interchangeably. It's fiat currency, and crypto currency. Money is stricktly a comodity backed medium of exchamge and store of physical wealth. Gold & silver are some examples. IMO crypto and fiat behave very similarly, with one key distinction; one is inflationary, and the other is deflationary. I know which I would rather HODL…

  3. Those who say crypto is not real money do so because they do not see the value as we do. When they mention its volatility, that's because we are looking at its value in comparison to fiat currency. We need to look at its purpose rather than its volatility when being compared to fiat. I think most of us have lost site of the original vision. When you look at value as a purpose, then you see that it has a purpose and in fact is very valuable. Centralized institutions dont see the same value because bitcoins original purpose is a threat to the survival of the institutions. Let us not get blinded by greed and let us not lose site of satoshis vision

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  5. Forgive me if you have already brought this to your viewers attention, but I'm not seeing anyone talking about the OTC sales of Bitcoin and its impact on positive price movement for bitcoin. Scary they are hoarding behind the scenes. The amount of bitcoin off the block could kill any upward movement if they approve ETF. It needs to be addressed and the SEC definitely needs to investigate these 3rd party OTC folks. Thx in advance

  6. 7:10 Boiled down, money is simply a ledger of trust. Period. That's where it started. Everything after that has always been a substitute. We now have an opportunity to return to money's roots but on a global scale.

  7. Robinhood now let's you trade after hours. But you cannot day trade on their platform.only 3 day trades allowed every 5 days or you get flagged as a dayttader and your banned from DAYtrading for 90 days. That means you have to wait til the next day to sell ur stock.they need to fix that

  8. can anyone answer this… WTF is Ethereum Classic good for?!? Talk about a shitcoin.. It has no uses.. It's a remnant of Ethereum. Coinbase should have selected DigiByte, which actually has a use for Point of Sale uses.. Mobile to Mobile transfers are lightening fast..

  9. I'm sorry for those who don't like Coinbase but they leading the way robinhood following the leader. I don't care more liquidity for ETC

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