Better than Model X? Top 10 Electric Crossovers and SUVs Similar to Tesla Cars

After the official release of Model X many car enthusiasts positively commented on Tesla’s attempt at making the first all-electric family car. The critical acclaim was then supported by the positive reviews of people, who started getting their incredibly spacious and ludicrously fast electric vehicles that can also go over 300 miles on a charge.

The only downside that kept many people from joining the “zero emissions” movement is the price of Model X. So we wondered, are there any good SUVs that are similar to Tesla and can become a good alternative to it in the future?

Here is what we got (the list contains fully electric vehicles as well as fuel-efficient plug-in hybrids):

Tesla Model X:

Faraday Future FF91:
Volvo XC90 T8:

BMW X5 xDrive40e:

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid:

Jaguar I-Pace:

Chrysler Pacifica:
Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ:

Mitsubishi eX Concept:

Audi Q6 e-tron quattro concept:

Mercedes-Benz GLE 500 e:


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  1. By the time the closest Tesla competitor has his car on the road it will be past 2020 and the Model X will be over years 5 years old and the technology more advanced while the competitors will be trying to compare their cars to a 2016-17 Model X.

  2. You can bet Tesla is working on the Solid State batteries that will charge in less than 1/2 of current times. But that aside Tesla is so far ahead with Super charging stations that if you are going to travel is Important. Others will come along in the next two years and add their charging stations but by that time Tesla will have flanked the country with stations. Love my TeslaX

  3. I can see the traditional companies killing Tesla.

    Tesla have NEVER made a profit and other companies are coming up with better looking and crucially LESS EXPENSIVE alternatives with better range and shorter timing. They could be squeezed out the market by the likes of the beautiful I pace.

    By the way, when did Stephen Hawking start doing car videos?

  4. Should i have to pay yearly road tax to drive electric cars. If yes then how much should i have to pay yearly road tax on tesla model x?

  5. These big token electric vehicles that only have 23 miles of electric are a waste of time, if you are a car manufacturer reading this forget these sidetracks, grab the ball and make at least 150 mile pure electric vehicles or what you will be left with will be dinosaurs

  6. If there's the XC90 why isn't there the Outlander PHEV? And the XC60 PHEV?
    Probably the consupmtion of an Mitsubishi Outlander Hybride has much more advantages than a full-electric. It has only S-AWC instead of AutoPilot, but with LPG or CNG to move 100km is Approximetally only 500 HUF or less (~1,5 EUR).
    When I sit in the Model X, I found it good for it's family-frendliness, the most of the listed cars aren't comparable (exclude the XC90).

  7. great video but none of competitors have reached the same level launching as Tesla…post of competitors are only concepts… with concepts : i can fly to another galaxy without problem at all ! i hate concepts…

  8. This video is kind of misleading. You first think it was doing a comparison of EVs only. However, they put in some plug-in hybrids as well. As for the other EVs in the mix, they're good, but they're still not in the market, so in essence, you can't really compare them to the Model X. For me, the one thing that Tesla has over all other EVs is the charging infrastructure. Tesla has 1000+ super chargers spread out the nation. Meaning if you really wanted to you can cross the country. As for other cars, this is not so, yet.

  9. Here's the thing: FF91 is likely to fail, because the owner owes billions of dollars of construction to a factory he is making and did not pay yet. Your comparisons are horrible, I stopped the video at your #3 pick. A engine + "matter" (lol) is not "similar" to Tesla. Tesla is 100% electric, while the Mercedes has an engine and a "matter".

  10. With 55% of Americans making $30,000 or less per year, how many new electric cars do You think you will sell US Joe Public? The money to be made in electric cars is in converting existing cars and trucks. Jsav.

  11. The FF91 did not have a finished interior like the P100D at time of demo. The test drives given to those who got a chance clearly show the interior as a crude design lacking any furnishing or actually driver-related informational displays. Those present in the cabin were added later in the form of an external monitor. Add the weight of seats, the computers and other creature comforts to rival the Model S, the FF91 won't be able to hold onto the 2.39 second time. Additionally, the P100D has since renewed the record at 2.27 seconds.

  12. Cheaper than model X? YES. Better? HELLO, NO! It is like claiming that the latest iphone or samsung are worse than some of the competitors. they are not, they are the best on the market. But if you cannot afford them. u should trade for a cheaper option. Same goes for Tesla, stop hating on this car. It is THE BEST there is, but no one stops you from buying smth cheaper if you cant afford it. and comparing hybrids to Tesla? so Wrong!

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