How To Spot A Fake iPhone

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video – This video features a knockoff of the …


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  1. Fake vs real iPhone

    Fake: doesn't show the bottom pop-up bar, feels more plastic like instead of aluminum, is in a really cheap price.

    Imagine buying an iPhone 8 128GB for just 6K pesos when the real price is in 44K – 64K pesos for just the 64GB.

  2. It may be just an android that was set up with an apple theme. There had been several cases where androids get iPhone-like displays because of the downloadable software they get on play store.

  3. So I just got my first iPhone few days ago and I got the se for 150$ at a Walmart and I’m wondering if I been using a fake..

  4. i had a fake one for months and had no idea because it was so well done but it ended up playing up so i took it to apple and they told me it was fake. it had the slightest differences

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