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  1. It's great to see someone who's this much successful in small amount of time then and now.may you grow more and more with your great abilities. ✌️

  2. So what is the google partner program exactly? I can't seem to find a straight forward answer in the minimal amount of effort that I have put forward. Any help?

  3. For the perfect device give me a Lumia Icon (only with GSM support for Tmo) and stock android.
    Amazing hardware, amazing camera, amazing screen………. Windows Phone 8's app store.

  4. He's growing fast because at the beginning of this video they said he has 600,000 subscribers, and here we are today less than 3 months later and he has 920,000.

  5. When I am seriously thinking about buying a device, I will watch every video review I can find. Some of them are highly technical, some are really terrible, some of them are dull and uninspiring, but I will consume them all. That's research, it's not necessarily enjoyable. I can watch Marques Brownlee and Michael Fisher for fun. I will watch either of you review a device I have no particular interest in because you're individual styles are good to watch. Thanks.

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