The Death of Bitcoin, Think Like a Billionaire, & Turkish Lira – BTC & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin is dead again, BTC Dominance rises, Americans either love or hate BTC, think like a billionaire, Bitmain’s crazy IPO, and the Turkish Lira.

Game Over

Bitcoin Dies

Bitcoin Dies Again

BTC dominance

Bitcoin Eclipses 50% Crypto Market Dominance For First Time Since December



New Survey Finds 50% of Americans ‘Willing to Try Out’ Bitcoin

Bitcoin Portfolio


Crypto mining giant Bitmain on target for $10B revenue this year

BItmain IPO

Bitcoin TV

Bitcoin Lira

Investors Turn To Bitcoin In Turkey As Lira Value Slips


Brazil Bitcoin



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  1. Don't invest $100 in Bitcoin. The Transaction fees could easily go to $200-500 this next bull run (as they were $20-50 last time, and we're expecting 10× increase). If you invest $100 and that becomes $1000, a simple transaction fee could take 20-50% of your Bitcoin holdings away.

    Either invest big, or invest in Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

  2. Hey Lark, did you see the following article which shows that Bitmain owns over one million Bitcoin Cash coins (called BCC instead of BCH) ? Maybe we should be calling BCH, Bitmain Cash ? Considering how many coins are lost forever (e.g. the Satoshi coins), Bitmain likely has about 7-10% of all BCH ! I do not know how trust worthy this article is from TRUSTNODES, but the numbers do make sense in the fact that Bitmain has very little Ethereum since until recently Ethereum was GPU mined, not with ASICS. Another interesting point is how much DASH is owned by Bitmain. I wonder how many Dash masternodes Bitmain is running ? Hhhhmmmm… Anyway, thanks for the videos !

  3. Hi Mr Lark you know i have huge respect for you BUT i don't like any headline starting with (The Death of Bitcoin) it's like another nail in the coffin.
    How about the The Love of Bitcoin or robustness etc. Sorry but we need as much positive talk & words everywhere. From The DogHouse

  4. we have around 20 mio. new millionaires, not in fiat, but in bitcoin. I accumulated 10 of them and will add more while earning the fiat money 😉

  5. Here are some coins with a market cap above 200 million that have been doing better when paired to BTC during the entire bear market to date..

    Basic Attention Token

    May want to consider these, just saying.

  6. Unfortunately I have to say this, if people are not strong enough to stomach the extreme winter conditions crypto is in, then they are not strong enough to enjoy true freedom crypto can provide.

    This bearish crypto period is actually a fantastic time to be bullish, hunt for those few great projects that are probably cheap now, and dollar cost average. And be bearish during a super hyped, mania bullish season.

  7. I can't believe that there's still people that say bitcoin is dead, how many times are they gonna be proven wrong before they just stop making ridiculous comments on bitcoin?!

  8. To me the market seems like it is full of people trading out their alt coins for cheap bitcoin, causing the alt coin prices to dump. It will swing back. When the bitcoin price goes up, they will do it again.

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